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Application Fees

Applicants are required to pay a Stony Brook University application fee: $50 for each undergraduate program, and $100 for each Graduate, Advanced Certificate and Doctor of Nursing program, or relevant Central Application Service fee (CAS). Application to some programs are through a national application system and the relevant application fee must be paid to that organization. Additionally, an applicant using a CAS may also require a supplemental application fee.

The application fee (with the exception of the supplemental fee) can be waived in some instances as indicated below:

 Undergraduate Applicants 

  • Students who are graduating from SUNY and CUNY two-year colleges and are applying for the next academic term. Official transcript indicating associate degree and degree date are required.
  • Transfer applicants, not graduating and currently enrolled in an EOP, HEOP, SEEK or College Discovery program. A letter from the EOP program director is required confirming current enrollment in the program and listing semesters of aid received (this is separate from a recommendation).
  • Stony Brook students not graduating and currently enrolled in a matriculated, undergraduate program.

 Graduate and Advanced Certificate Applicants

  • Students currently enrolled in an EOP or HEOP program. A letter from the EOP program director confirming enrollment in the program is required (this is separate from a recommendation).

Requesting a waiver of the application fee does not guarantee approval. The request will be reviewed and a final determination made by the Health Sciences Office of Student Services. If the fee waiver is not granted, payment of the fee is required. The application will not be processed until payment is received or the waiver approved. Upon submission of the application, applicants will receive information on how to check the status of the waiver request.



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