Stony Brook Makes Title IX Strides

Stony Brook University is firmly committed to creating and fostering a learning and working environment in which all members of our community can thrive. We're actively focused on developing targeted initiatives and offering resources to educate and inform our campus about sexual violence, discrimination and misconduct.

What Exactly is Title IX?

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in every educational program or activity that is federally funded. At Stony Brook, the law protects all students, faculty and staff from sexual discrimination, including all forms of sexual misconduct, harassment and violence.

Coordinated Efforts at Stony Brook

With direction from the Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action, key staff from the Employee and Labor Relations Department, and the Office of Student Affairs — with direct involvement from the Office of University Community Standards and the Center for Prevention and Outreach — a collaborative and ongoing effort to drive campus safety and eliminate sexual discrimination at Stony Brook University is well underway.

Stony Brook offers a variety of on-campus and online resources for students, faculty and staff seeking support regarding Title IX issues, which range from reporting to recovering from an incident.

"At Stony Brook University we proactively implement and continuously review and assess the modes used to address Title IX-related allegations and incidents to meet the needs of our ever-evolving campus community," said Marjolie Leonard, Director for Title IX and Risk Management and Title IX Coordinator. "Over the past few years, we have expanded our efforts in ways that maintain compliance with mandated regulations and better serve our community."

Recent Milestones

September 2012SBU received a $270,000 grant from the Department of Justice: Office on Violence Against Women for campus programs that focus on the reduction of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking.

June 2013Select Stony Brook University administrators complete Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) investigation training.

December 2013Phase 1 of "Hear It, See It, Report It" campaign launched.

February 2014Phase 2 of "Hear It, See It, Report It" campaign implemented campus-wide distribution of a poster listing Title IX-related resources and sexual misconduct reporting options.

March 2014University Student Conduct Code updated to strengthen sexual misconduct policy.

March 2014University's Complaint Procedures for Allegations of Discrimination revised and updated.

April 2014SBU issued its fifth annual STAR (Secretive-problems, Targets, Assets and Risks) campus climate survey.

April 2014The Department of Justice selected SBU to serve as one of the locations for its national campus tour to coincide with the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault's website launch and release of its Not Alone Report.

August 2014More than 700 faculty, staff and students received in-person Title IX training, including all Residence Hall Directors and Resident Assistants from on-campus housing.

September 2014Stony Brook proactively launches first-ever online Title IX/Clery Act training for all students.

October 2014SUNY Board of Trustees passes a resolution to review and develop system-wide uniform policies and practices on sexual misconduct; Stony Brook Council approves additional revisions to the University Student Conduct Code, expanding protections covered under sexual misconduct to include dating and domestic violence, and stalking.

January 2015Updated Title IX website launched, which includes vital information such as SUNY's Sexual Violence Victim/Survivor Bill of Rights and list of 23 Deputy Title IX Coordinators representing broad areas from across the University.

January 2015Nationally recognized ATIXA Executive Director Brett Sokolow conducts comprehensive training on the Stony Brook campus with Deputy Title IX Coordinators.

January - March 2015University Police Officers received in-person Title IX training from the Title IX Coordinator.

April 2015SBU issued its sixth annual STAR (Secretive-problems, Targets, Assets and Risks) campus climate survey. This survey was developed by a team of researchers who are prominent leaders in the fields of psychology and violence prevention. STAR has enabled Stony Brook to look at the prevalence and dynamics of sexual violence on our campus and use data to drive our prevention efforts through an approach called Polaris.

April 2015Green Dot (bystander intervention) training held. As of Fall 2015, more than 150 students have received this training.

April2015Stony Brook University Panel Discussion on Campus Sexual Violence Policies and Resources held.

May 2015University hired a Title IX Investigator, Kathryn Santiago, whose focus is to investigate sexual misconduct complaints.

May 201587% of students completed the online Title IX training course.

July 2015The Student Handbook is updated to include the Students’ Bill of Rights and the definition of affirmative consent.

July 2015The Title IX Coordinator, Title IX Investigator, and Director of University Community Standards attended the Comprehensive Title IX Investigator Training and Certification course in Orlando, FL.

July 2015Deputy Title IX Coordinators initiated monthly update meetings.

July - September 2015More than 600 faculty, staff and students received in-person Title IX training.

August 2015University launched Haven, an online interactive training program on understanding and combatting sexual misconduct for students. As of October 1, 2015, more than 12,000 students had completed the training.

August 2015Green Dot (bystander intervention) training held.

August 2015The University Student Conduct Code was updated with a separate section for sexual misconduct policy and procedures. The sexual misconduct section is expanded to include information and required language outlined in the "Enough is Enough" law (New York State Education Law art. 129-B), signed by Governor Cuomo in July 2015. This update incorporated the following information: Students' Bill of Rights, Affirmative Consent, Alcohol and Drug Amnesty Policy and Confidential Resources.

September 2015University hired a Complainant Navigator/Advocate, Samantha Winter, to act as a confidential support and resource option for students, faculty and staff who experience sexual or interpersonal violence.

September 2015Green Dot (bystander intervention) training held.

October 2015The University Student Conduct Code will be presented before Stony Brook Council for approval. Proposed changes reflect the new requirements outlined in Education Law art. 129-B.

Fall 2015University will launch Haven for employees, an online interactive training program on understanding and combatting sexual misconduct.

Fall 2015University will hire a Title IX Liaison, who will provide administrative support to the Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action and University Community Standards on Title IX-related complaints/inquiries.

Fall 2015University will hire a Respondent Navigator, who will provide in-house Title IX training and support to individuals accused of sexual misconduct.

Visit Our Title IX Resource Website

For more detailed information about Title IX or to report an incident involving sexual discrimination, harassment, misconduct or violence, please visit Stony Brook University's Title IX Resource website.

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