Deputy Title IX Coordinators are University wide points of contact for those seeking information or wanting to report sexual harassment, misconduct or violence. Their role is to inform complainants of their rights and options. The deputies communicate all Title IX related information to the Title IX Coordinators. The deputies do not investigate, adjudicate, or sanction (unless that function is within their normal job duties, responsibilities).Deputy Coordinators are chosen by Stony Brook University's Director for Title IX and Risk Management, Marjolie Leonard.

Area Department Title IX Deputy
Stony Brook West Campus
Athletics Courtney Rickard
Campus Recreation Jay Souza
Campus Residences Judy Jaquez
Campus Residences Nekita Whyte
Office of the Dean of Students Cathrine Duffy
Office of the Dean of Students Matty Orlich
Graduate School Melissa Jordan
Labor Relations Tracy Haas
Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity Antonio Ferrantino
Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity Kathryn N. Santiago
Office of University Community Standards Adam Fertmann
Undergraduate Academic Affairs Charles Robbins
University Campus Police Neil Farrell
Visa and Immigration Services Lindsi Walker
Health Science Center (HSC) - Stony Brook East Campus
School of Dental Medicine Glenda Mitchell
School of Health Technology and Management Kayla Mendelsohn
School of Medicine Amy Hammock
School of Nursing Justin Waryold
School of Social Welfare Suzanne Velazquez
Stony Brook Medicine
Corporate Education and Training Marilyn L. Haig
Long Island State Veterans Home (LISVH)
Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity Antonio Ferrantino
Stony Brook Southampton
Student Affairs Marisa Jeffers
Brookhaven Residential Campus
Residential Programs Michael Austin