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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Teacher Certification FAQs

How do I know which courses to take so that I can obtain my professional teaching license? I must complete a minimum of 12 credits in the content field of my initial certification.
What if I took a course that was on the Certification Content Areas list on the SPD website, and now that course is no longer there? Will it still count toward the 12 credits I need for professional certification?
I am a student who needs to take twelve credits in my content area, but there are not enough courses offered by SPD, or the courses I need are not offered online. What should I do?
I was told during an advisement appointment that the classes I completed were appropriate for obtaining my professional certification, and I heard back from NYSED that one of them does not count. Why, and what do I do now?
I'm thinking of getting a second certification. Can I just take a few classes in that area and then apply for a secondary license in that content area?
My friend is in or completed the MA in Liberal Studies program, and he said I could get certified by selecting one of the content area clusters on the Professional Certification by Content Area of the SPD website, is this true?
My friend told me that all of the 18 credits of the "thematically related cluster" need to be in "education" in order for me to obtain my professional certification; is this true?
I completed a course for my content area, but because it has an Arts and Humanities (AHLS) designator, my advisor put it in the AHLS slot on my advisement sheet. Does this matter? Does this mean I need to take extra content courses for my “cluster” area?
I’ve been trying to call NYSED, but no one answers the phone. What should I do?
What do I do with the NYSED Course Verification form? To whom do I bring it or send it?
What if I took a course for use towards obtaining my professional certification at an institution other than Stony Brook? What do I do?
I completed the MA in Liberal Studies degree and I am trying to apply for my professional teaching license on my TEACH account. I'm being asked for the program code; where do I find it?


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