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NYSED Content Areas: Any Liberal Arts and Sciences course may be used to fulfill the 12-credit requirement

Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses Literacy teachers cover all curricula in a self contained classroom, therefore all arts and sciences courses are valid. Click on a heading to see full list of courses for each area:

May be valid in the content area for professional license.  Stony Brook University DOES NOT GUARANTEE that any particular course will meet this requirement.  When in doubt, please check with NYSED prior to registration for any course to determine its acceptability. 

New York State Education Department Contact Information

Office of Teaching Initiatives
NYS Education Department (NYSED)
Albany, NY 12234
Telephone: 518.474.3901

The information contained on this page was valid as of 8/14/2014.

Statement of Student Responsibility

Students themselves—whether new, returning, or continuing—are responsible for reviewing, understanding, and adhering to their degree and/or certificate program requirements. Students should keep in mind that degree requirements are  separate and distinct from requirements for teacher/administrator certification and resulting initial and/or professional licenses. Each student is responsible for reviewing, understanding and adhering to his/her certification requirements.  For further information, visit NYSED at

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