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New Student Orientation

Welcome to the School of Professional Development!

The following presentations explain Stony Brook University's policies and procedures, and provide an overview of the resources you need to succeed as a new graduate student.  Before you register for your first course, you should plan to set aside about an hour to review these slides. All new students will need to indicate that they have reviewed this information in SOLAR before enrolling (check under "Administrative Holds"). 

These slides contain general requirements of the School and the University. Your program may require new students to attend a real-time online session to communicate specific details about their program.  If this requirement applies to you, you will be sent an email notification.

Special Note for Off-Campus Cohort Students (Teacher Centers, Human Services, etc.):

While all SBU students must adhere to the University policies described below, the enrollment,  calendar and billing information contained therein does not apply to off campus-cohort students. In addition to the slides below, please see Off-Campus Cohort Information for Students for details.


Part 1: Welcome to Stony Brook!


Part 2: Administrative Policy and Procedures:
SOLAR, Important Dates, Credit Load and Financial Information


Part 3: Academic Integrity


Part 4: Student Health Insurance and Resources


Part 5: University Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policies


Part 6: Library and Technology Facilities


Part 7: Graduate Student Life and Resources