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Your Career Goals, Our Degree Program

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary degree program that is uniquely designed to meet students’ personal and professional needs. The curriculum offers a solid foundation of core professional skills and allows students to design a curriculum from courses selected from a broad range of academic disciplines. Graduates emerge with a broad intellectual perspective and enhanced analytical and communication skills that are highly transferable to a number of professional contexts. Our diverse alumni include teachers, environmental consultants, non-profit and educational administrators, advertising executives, athletic coaches, human resource managers, attorneys and writers, among others. 

Liberal studies students may apply the courses they earn in our   University badge    or   graduate certificate programs to fulfill degree requirements, allowing them to start showcasing their skills with a Stony Brook microcredential as they progress through their program.

On-campus, Online or On-site

All Liberal Studies students can choose to combine face-to-face with online courses, or take all of their courses online. Our fully online program was recently selected as #2 in the nation by SPD also partners with businesses and organizations to customize this program for on-site cohorts.

Teacher Certification

The Liberal Studies degree is valid toward meeting requirements for a professional license (certification), with certain provisions. It does not, however, lead directly to an initial certification. Please read the Teacher Certification page before applying. 

"The degree program is exceptional. It helped me in business by teaching me to write with more clarity and to express myself to my clients in ways that were more concise. I apply my learning each day in my personal and professional life."
— Charlie McLeod, President, SMM Advertising



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Teacher Certification

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Employer Partnerships

On-site graduate and executive education programs customized for businesses and organizations Learn More (Employer Partnerships)

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