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Social Studies

According to NYSED, acceptable studies for social studies certification (grades 7-12) include coursework in economics, government, United States history, world history, geography, sociology, anthropology, and political science.

Courses with departmental subject codes (e.g., ANT, ECO, HIS, SOC, POL, AFS) are valid for the content area for professional license provided they are not methods courses. In addition, Stony Brook University has found that the courses listed below have met the NYSED requirements in the past; however, this DOES NOT GUARANTEE that these courses will continue to meet this requirement in the future. When in doubt, please check with NYSED prior to registration for any course to determine its acceptability.

New York State Education Department Contact Information

Office of Teaching Initiatives
NYS Education Department (NYSED)
Albany, NY 12234
Telephone: 518.474.3901


CEE 512 Historical Issues in American Education*
CEG 511 Cultural Communication (formerly Cross-Cultural Communications)
CEG 516/HIS 501 Early Modern Europe: 1450-1700**
CEG 517/HIS 542 Modern Latin American History Seminar **
CEG 522/HIS 522 Introduction to United States History Since the Civil War **
CEG 523/HIS 500 Historiography**
CEG 524/HIS 502 Late Modern Europe Seminar **
CEG 531 The Immigrant in America: A Sociological Study (formerly Immigration: Today and Yesterday)*
CEG 532/HIS 521 United States History to the Civil War Seminar *, **
CEG 534/HIS 562 Modern African History and/or Asian History Seminar**
CEG 538 United States History since 1945
CEG 565/HIS 565 Japanese History**
CEG 567 Native American History
CEI 506 Cultural Anthropology (formerly Understanding Other Cultures) *
CEJ 502/HIS 561 East Asian History Seminar**
CEJ 588 Italian Americans: Comparative Study of American Ethnic Groups (formerly Comparative Study of American Ethnic Groups)
CES 521 History of Labor Relations in America
CET 550 Racism: An Interdisciplinary Analysis*
CEV 541 The Italian American Experience *

*Denotes a course that is either regularly or occasionally offered online.
** Students must have permission from the History department to take HIS sections of this course.

Note: If you have taken a course that is no longer listed above, please submit a NYSED Graduate Course Verification Form (PDF) to the appropriate academic department chairperson to verify that the course meets graduate-level content requirements (include a self-addressed stamped envelope). Once you have received the signed form, submit it to NYSED for final approval. Be sure to keep copies of all documentation and correspondence.

Because NYSED’s Office of Teaching Initiatives is the final authority, Stony Brook University cannot guarantee that NYSED will accept any particular course, even if it has been approved by an academic department. 

The information contained on this page was valid as of 8/14/2014.

Statement of Student Responsibility

Students themselves—whether new, returning, or continuing—are responsible for reviewing, understanding, and adhering to their degree and/or certificate program requirements. Students should keep in mind that degree requirements are  separate and distinct from requirements for teacher/administrator certification and resulting initial and/or professional licenses.  Each student is responsible for reviewing, understanding and adhering to his/her certification requirements.   For further information, visit NYSED at

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