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Faculty Fellows at the Humanities Institute, 2022-2023

As part of the Provost’s initiative in the Arts, Humanities and Lettered Social Sciences, The Humanities Institute at Stony Brook is pleased to announce the return of its Faculty Fellows Program, for which there are three (3), semester-long Fellowships. The application period for the 2022-2023 Fellowships year will be open on September 30, 2021.

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Description of Fellowships:

The Fellowships are targeted for one tenure-track assistant professor, one associate professor, and one open to all levels, including Lecturers with lines in the Arts, Humanities and Lettered Social Sciences. Note: Preference will be given to established research projects near completion for publication rather than projects in initial or early stages of development. 

The Fellowship allows for the release of a maximum of two (2) courses at normal salary and benefits. The fellows will be released from all their teaching and service commitments by their departments in order to engage in their own research and writing. Each Fellow will also receive a $5,000.00 research budget for the semester, to cover books, travel and other research costs.


Each Fellow must deliver a public talk at the Humanities Institute based on their research. (Dates will be assigned by HISB.)

Fellows are expected have an active presence at the Institute and attend HISB events during their fellowship year .

Each Fellow is required to provide the HISB Director an end-of-fellowship report detailing execution of duties outlined above, as well as any manuscript submissions and/or publications resulting from the Fellowship. The report, which will be distributed to the Provost and the Dean of CAS, must be submitted by the end of the Fall semester following the Fellowship year .

Requirements for Application:

  1. - Tenured, tenure-track and non-tenured faculty from the Stony Brook University community, including Southampton, may apply.
  2. - Faculty may not apply during the year in which their tenure will be decided.
  3.  -Faculty must have returned from an academic leave to two full-time years of consecutive teaching in order to qualify for a fellowship. They may apply during their second year of teaching for the fellowship year following.
  4. - New faculty must teach for two full-time consecutive years in order to take up a fellowship. That fellowship may occur in their third year of employment or thereafter.
  5. - Faculty eligible for any college-funded leave who accept our fellowship offer will be expected to combine that support with institute support during the fellowship year.

  6. - Faculty who have already held a Faculty Fellowship become eligible to re-apply six (6) years after the end of their earlier award.
  7. - Prospective applicants must have their chairs sign off on the proposal, prospective research leave and commitment for full course-load release for the selected Fellow during the fellowship period.

Selection Criteria:

The selection committee, made up by members of the HISB advisory board, looks for applicants and projects that will benefit from and contribute to HISB’s mission of interdisciplinary knowledge production and transmission. The committee will seek to achieve variety and balance in the disciplines represented by the fellows while also looking for synergies and productive tensions that will contribute to lively intellectual life. Proposals will be judged based on (A) promise and significance of the proposed research project to their inter/disciplinary field of expertise; (B) the humanities and arts, or social science content of the project; (C) the quality, significance, and substantiated delivery of prior funded research in terms of publication, external funding, public presentations, and conference papers. Preference will be given to applicants who wish to complete or further an established research project for publication.

Special Note:

Faculty working on a variety of scholarly and creative projects are welcome to apply.

Additionally, the fellowship competition is also open to faculty who are developing innovative approaches involving digital text analysis, archive development, data visualization, or other digital tools, as well as faculty who are moving to new modes of scholarly communication.

Application Requirements:

The formal application consists of the follow:

  1. Faculty Fellowship application cover sheet available here.
  2. Curriculum vitae.
  3. Project description (no more than 1,000 words).
  4. Sample of your scholarly work (no more than 6,000 words) or of your creative work (such as audio/visual aids or portfolio submitted via a URL link to a website). Documents must be submitted either as a Word or PDF file.
  5. Confirmation of prospective semester release, signed by the chair of your department or unit.
  6. Two (2) recommendations (one internal, one external to Stony Brook), each sent separately to the email address below.

The selection committee will consider only those applications that are complete and that adhere to the specified word and page limits.

DEADLINE: All required documents must be received via e-mail by 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday, October 25, 2021 to Please put "2022-2023 HISB Faculty Fellowship Application" in the subject line.

Questions? Please e-mail​