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OnSite Sanitation

In an effort to insure safe food handling, we have a Registered Sanitarian on campus. Everyday responsibilities include:

  • Inspection each day of one major dining location. These inspections are random and unannounced.
  • The inspection includes; checking and recording food temperatures at each cold and hot station. Reviewing each locations daily temperature logs that are recorded at each station.
  • Insuring that all employees are wearing proper sanitizing gloves when handling food, checking for cross contamination as it relates to vegetarian foods, and checking to make sure all workers are not handling food with their hands, but with tongs.
  • Checking the logs concerning the use of Farm Fresh Fish (Salmon) at the sushi station and making sure the fish has been frozen for 7 days at -4 degrees and that the logs are in place.
  • Conduct Monthly Food Safety Investigations