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About Campus Dining

Founded in 1969 as a complete dining service provider, CulinArt operates at over 250 locations that include cafés, coffee bars, concessions, executive dining, catering and conference dining, social catering/special events, office coffee service and vending. CulinArt retains a unique approach to campus dining.  CulinArt continually breaks ground in higher education dining with innovative program development, maintaining an emphasis on retail-oriented programs that afford students more choice, freedom and flexibility in their dining decisions than from traditional meal plans.

As the country becomes more culturally diverse, CulinArt is committed to providing a contemporary dining experience that reflects Stony Brook’s community.  By incorporating international cuisines into our concepts and regularly introducing international nights and guest chefs, CulinArt’s dining program offers more options to more students, faculty and staff.  CulinArt’s on campus Culinary Development and Marketing Departments work together to introduce diverse menus into the design on our concepts and menus. 

We know that students work hard, and it is our goal to provide them with nutrition programs that are both healthful and delicious. Our campus dining service strives to offer culinary creations that replicate homemade comfort foods, but with a healthy twist. CulinArt Signature programs such as Eat Well allow students to make choices that they can feel good about. These selections focus on whole, naturally flavorful and nutritious foods. Our registered dietitian can often be found on campus discussing the latest nutrition trends, participating in health and wellness tablings, conducting dining location tours, and educating on special dietary needs, among other activities.

CulinArt is also committed to adopting sustainable foodservice practices.  With on campus composting, Freight Farm, herb garden beds, reusable bags and corn straws, we are well on our way to achieving that goal.