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Commissary & Small Vendor Delivery Procedures

While our large broad line distributors are required to be in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and conform to our strict standards, deliveries from commissary's and other small vendors and subcontractors also requires our due diligence.

The following is Campus Dining's strict adherence and clear guidelines as it relates to prepared foods being delivered from a commissary or any food product being delivered from location to location at Stony Brook:

  • No deliveries of any food products from a commissary will be allowed to enter any Stony Brook facility without a Campus dining manager on site checking it in first.
  • A campus dining manager must be called ahead within 20 minutes of arrival as to allow for a proper validation and inspection of the product.
  • A delivery/temperature log must be filled out from the commissary listing the time of departure, the temperature of the food product upon departure and the signature of the commissary manager verifying the temperature.
  • When the food product arrives, the Campus Dining Manager will conduct a full inspection , recording the arrival time, condition of the product, temperature upon arriving, and will sign the receiving log.
  • The delivery truck must be refrigerated and have the necessary temperature gauges to allow a campus dining manager to inspect the temperature inside the truck.
  • The delivery truck must be packed appropriately as to not be over filled or stacked as the temperature of the product must be maintained and refrigeration must be allowed to surround the products.
  • Only "pre-approved pack out vessels" or containers can be used to deliver any food products. Approval will not be granted of any product if it is not sealed properly or in the proper pre-approved containers.
  • We expect all staff handling any product, both at the commissary and at the restaurant that the food is being delivered to, be properly trained in all HACCP processes and procedures.