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Handling Food Manufacturer Recalls and Market Withdrawals

Effective systems are in place to alert our operations of any product recall or other potential food safety hazard that may require restricting the use of specific foods.

Corporate Quality Assurance closely monitors USDA, FDA, and other product-safety related websites daily for product recall and withdrawal announcements. Additionally, our manufacturer and distributor partners may notify us of recalls/ withdrawals. In all cases, reaction by our supplier quality staff and the appropriate Foodbuy category manager is immediate. If there is even the slightest possibility that the product is used in our operations, an urgent notice is issued, instructing field management as to necessary actions, including details and attachments related to:

  • Supplier and product
  • Health threat
  • Description of product defect
  • Code dates/lot numbers involved
  • Quantities of product recalled/withdrawn
  • Market (retail, foodservice, etc.)
  • Disposition of product (return, discard, etc.)
  • BuySmart Purchasing Support Desk contact information for questions

Recall alerts are distributed to predetermined operating sector representatives and quickly cascaded down to field management via email.