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HACCP-Based Food Safety System

The cornerstone Campus Dining’s food safety management system is our HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) Program, developed and implemented in 1995. Our program complies with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code and is updated regularly to reflect the latest Food Code changes.

This comprehensive food safety and self-inspection system identifies points where contamination or growth of harmful microorganisms can occur and then implements controls based on those hazards. Our HACCP program focuses on seven Critical Control Points (CCPs) and a comprehensive monitoring and verification system. Key components:

  • Monitoring and controlling the temperature of food during cooking, holding, serving, cooling, and reheating;
  • Preventing cross-contamination of food and food contact surfaces;
  • Using proper hand washing techniques and appropriate use of disposable gloves;
  • Conducting monthly food safety self-inspections at every facility where we handle and produce foods; and
  • Operating the organization under a food safety system that meets the rigorous ISO 22000: 2005 criteria and proactively advances the level of food safety at the highest industry standards and will continue this practice.


  • Clearly defined and up-to-date food safety standards and systems that ensure high quality safe food and service, as well as to help prevent foodborne illness incidents.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements (FDA Food Code recommendations, local health department regulations).
  • Compliance with internationally recognized standards for food safety.