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Complaint Handling and Crisis Management

Complaint Investigations and Reporting Requirements

The following service level agreements will apply for any complaints that are submitted by Foodbuy. Special situations involving injury, illness, upset client, media coverage, etc. may necessitate a shorter timeframe which will be communicated by Foodbuy and/or unit management.

  1. Acknowledge receipt of incident: Within twenty-four (24) hours excluding weekends and holidays.
  2. Status report updates until close of incident: Every seventy-two (72) hours excluding weekends and holidays.
  3. Investigation involving one or more vendor sites: Five (5) business days to conclude/close.
  4. Investigation involving third-party laboratory: Ten (10) business days to conclude/close.

Vendor must request in writing the need for an extension on any of the timeframes above. Any exceptions must be agreed by vendor in writing.

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