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Stony Brook Ventures



Grow N’ Glow was started by  Yark and Joann Beyan. It is a  natural, chemical-free hair and skin care line created to address deficiencies in the beauty industry.  They won 1st at the 2018 WolfieTank.




Green Pillow was started by Chang Hyeon Lee and Jong Jeon with hopes of providing sound sleep to refugees, the homeless, and people living below the poverty line by supplying pillows filled with used straws—through upcycling.  




Outland Analytics is dedicated to providing technical solutions to the worldwide illigal logging. The founders of the company, Elliot Richards and Edward Buckler, started working on this idea for a school project. In 2017 they pitched their idea at WolfieTank.




Five North Chocolate is a fair trade chocolate company that was started by Ben Conard. His business has been mentioned in multiple information sources like Forbes and Cause Artist. 




Sal Farrugia created LI-Kick, a co-ed social sports community for adults of Long Island.The organization won 2nd in the Social Entrepreneurism contest hosted by the SB School of Business and has been featured in Newsday, Pulse Magazine, and the local papers.




SolarClear, led by Shrish Patel, has created technology that uses electric fields to sweep dust from solar panels has promise as a new self-cleaning solar panel system designed to enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs. Stony Brook Entrepreneurship challenge, Long Island Business Plan Competition, and New York State Business Prize Competition have all awarded Solar Clear for it’s innovation.





Alexander Eichert

We intend to prototype a novel ultrasound simulator that can be utilized in both hospital and out-of-hospital settings, such as ambulances and medical air transports. Current designs for ultrasound simulators, such as the SonoSim, can cost up to $150,000 and can be cost-prohibitive for many teaching facilities. Design flaws that we have identified in other simulation devices include lack of portability, inability to differentiate between environmental versus probe motion, internet connectivity requirements, and unrealistic imaging. We seek to develop a design that provides anatomically accurate ultrasound images and probe movement unlike existing devices.

Drone Usage

Rebecca Kranz

Rebecca Kranz’s idea is to use drone to chase geese off of lawns, fields, beaches, or any other area unwanted geese congregate. Unlike loud noises or cardboard animal cutouts, drones are physical objects that will encourage geese to react. Unlike chase dogs, a drone will continue to encourage the geese to leave the area once airborne. I will then use prerecorded sounds of drones to encourage them to remain out of the area between successive flights.

The Sweet Tooth

Rina Inaba

Rina Inaba’s goal is to open up "The Sweet Tooth", which is a bakery that sells a wide range of sweets made with Xylitol. As a pre-dental student, she researched if it was possible to substitute the sugar in baked goods with Xylitol. Her idea came from her experiences at her father’s dental office, when he would offer Xylitol lollipops to his patients. These lollipops are kosher, gluten free, dairy free, and deliver cavity-fighting xylitol.


Varun Shivakumar

Fanuble is a new social media platform that's main focus is on interaction among personalities and fans. On our website, you can discuss news, share content and become a fan of your favorite personalities. Fanuble also has a gamified of points system, live multi-threaded comments and fun, active fan communities. Personalities on Fanuble will have their own customizable space for their fan base, where they can shape the way they want to interact with fans.

MAPLE System

Yehonathan Litman  

Yehonathan created MAPLE system for robots giving them the ability to localize themselves in any new space and can be customized to a user’s intended projects. Stepping up accuracy and fast positioning measurements are key for higher level functions in robots, so one day, they can possibly think just like humans.

Blood Pressure Cuff

Magdalene Fogarasi, Adiba Chowdhury, Amy Young, Meaghan Cellio, Sanjay Jonnavithula  

This group formed in order to promote a more non invasive method for assessing systolic and diastolic blood pressure. They invented a novel blood pressure cuff that is fully integratable with current pressure measurement technology (both digital and manual.) This would remove the need for Velcro components and is truly a one size fits all model.

Toilet Flush Generator

Adam Wang, Eric Fung, and Brett Weinger  

This group created a multi-functional toilet, incorporating a power generator that converts the kinetic energy of water into electrical energy. The product uses a water motion active transducer (WMAT) based on a dielectric elastomer, which, when in contact with moving water, creates a potential difference that can be used to induce an electric current that can power electric appliances.

Belt Buddies

Chelsea Marks

Belt Buddies create comfort devices for women diagnosed with breast cancer and has recently had a mastectomy and/or breast replacement. These belts take the weight off a seatbelt pressing into the tender skin of a patient who has been through very painful time, both mentally and physical. These seatbelt covers are given to women post-mastectomy free of charge and all expenses to create these comes from donations on their funding page (


Presentor: Ariel Rodriguez

Softwaylancing is an innovative company which provides a technological platform that will allow your business to have an online presence. Through the means of our services, we reinvent the boundaries of technology to make an amazing experience possible. As the company grows, our vision grows even further. Our mission is to empower every business and every individual we come across to help them execute their plans for achievement. See their website at: