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Pitch Submissions

Do you have an innovative idea that you want to put on the market? Want some advice about the next steps? Ready to network yourself and ideas? Submit proposal to our review panel and see if you have what it takes to make it to the next level.

Already graduated but have a great idea to present? Alumni can apply if you have graduated within the last year. 

Good luck & happy innovating!


Submissions are due no later than: October 4, 2021

Submissions should have the following key points included in the description.

  1. Your Name(s)
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Description of your idea (Product/Service)
  5. The Problem you plan to solve
  6. Target your Market
  7. Why are you coming to Pitch Night? (Objective)
  8. How did  you  come up with their idea? (For Alumni participants only) 

Tips and Tricks: Putting Your Best Foot Forward 

  • Prepare: Become one with your idea, make sure you can answer even the most random questions and know everything inside and out.
  • Speak Simply: Be precise and expressive in your language, make sure everyone in the audience and on the judges panel can understand what you are presenting.
  • Sell your idea: Get excited! If the audience can see your enthusiasm, they will get excited too!
  • Be memorable : Make yourself and your idea stand out by showing the new and innovative ideas attached to your presentation
  • Practicality: Make sure your idea is something that has a place in the world, something people could use easily or understand.

Don’t be Nervous: Relax, you’ve got this! Just remember this is a learning opportunity, its ok if you mess up!


WolfieTank is an early stage pitch competition for Stony Brook University community, to ensure fairness among all participants, we reserve the right to exclude any businesses/pitches that are not thoroughly complete,  that have won other competitions or that has sales revenue that would make it unfair for other participants.