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Office of Administration
P609 Environmental and Occupational Safety (4/91)
May 1, 2001
April, 2009
Stony Brook University is committed to managing its academic, research and health care programs in a manner that protects the global and local human and natural environments, and promotes a safe and healthful campus community.
The University uses an Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) in order to effectively evaluate its operations, identify potential adverse impacts, protect people and the environment, achieve regulatory compliance and promote environmental stewardship on an ongoing basis. The EHSMS is a process that integrates the planning, development and implementation of environmental, health and safety policies, procedures and programs in all facets of the University's missions.


The Department of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), under the auspices of the Vice President for Facilities and Services, plans, develops and implements the EHSMS with input from departments, standing committees and individual organizational units. Key elements of the EHSMS include:
The Provost and Vice Presidents have primary responsibility for ensuring that the requirements as established by the EHSMS are implemented and supported by all academic, medical, research and administrative departments and programs.
Deans, Chairs and Directors are responsible for implementing the requirements as established by the EHSMS within their designated areas of responsibility to ensure compliance with regulations, safety of personnel and protection of the environment. They shall provide both the resources required to support the EHSMS and the oversight necessary to ensure implementation and compliance with relevant standards and regulations.
Supervisors, including principle investigators, program coordinators and faculty, have direct responsibility for ensuring that provisions of the EHSMS are fully executed. This shall be accomplished through the review of work practices, inspection of facilities, development and implementation of procedures, use of engineering controls and personal protective equipment, mandatory training and the prompt correction of noted deficiencies.
Students, faculty and staff members of the campus community shall follow established procedures, use appropriate safety equipment, report unsafe or hazardous situations and attend required training sessions.
The Department of Environmental Health and Safety shall develop and implement environmental, health and safety policies, procedures and programs to assist departments in complying with the requirements of the EHSMS. This assistance includes, but is not limited to, environmental monitoring, tracking and reporting, hazard analysis, safety training, incident investigation and emergency response. These services are designed to eliminate, reduce or control environmental, safety and health risks and impacts, ensure regulatory compliance and demonstrate environmental excellence through a continuous improvement process.
In the event of emergency, the EH&S Director or Incident Commander has the authority to immediately address any situation that is or may be hazardous to the safety of the campus community or the environment. The Director shall advise the Vice President for Facilities and Services and recommend appropriate action to be taken.


Any dereliction of responsibility, authority or accountability established by this policy or the EHSMS that may result in a serious physical hazard, exposure, injury or liability shall be brought to the attention of the President.
Managers or supervisors who fail to comply with EHSMS requirements, policies or procedures, including any training requirements for staff or students, may be subject to subject to disciplinary and/or legal action. The University may immediately suspend or revoke departmental purchasing privileges, shut down program or project operations and pursue other remedial actions, as appropriate.


Any inquiries about this policy should be addressed to the Vice President for Facilities and Services.
Any inquiries about the EHSMS should be addressed to
Department of Environmental Health & Safety
110 Suffolk Hall
(631) 632-6410
Additional information is available on the EH&S Website at: www.stonybrook.edu/ehs/

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