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October, 2016
Issued by:
Office of Administration
January 1975, October 1988, January 1996, May 2012


Stony Brook University is committed to providing a safe and lawful environment for its students, faculty, staff, volunteers, and guests/visitors (which includes minors). This policy includes specific rules and procedures which must be followed by students, faculty, staff, volunteers, and guests/visitors, regardless of the length of their visit.

All guests/visitors and volunteers are required to adhere to all Stony Brook University policies and procedures, and must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws. Individuals, programs, departments, and campus organizations are accountable for the behavior of their guests/visitors and are expected to provide their guests/visitors' contact information when requested to do so by a University official. Students should also refer to the University Student Conduct Code and Division of Campus Residences' Terms of Occupancy for additional information on guests.

The University Police Department and other University officials may ask guests/visitors to state their reason for being at the University and request appropriate identification as a condition of entry to or continued presence at specific facilities, activities or functions. Guests/visitors entering the West Campus after 11:00 p.m. must do so through the main entrance and provide identification.

Faculty and staff who invite a guest/visitor for more than two weeks are responsible for ensuring that their guest/visitor obtains a University campus identification card that is properly issued; and is collected and destroyed upon conclusion of the guest/visitors visit. The identification card is the property of the University and cardholders must surrender the card upon request of an authorized University official.

Faculty and staff inviting or hosting visiting researchers, scholars, and interns, paid or unpaid, shall obtain from their respective department a formal invitation letter, following the prescribed format appropriate for the category of guest/visitor, describing the terms and purpose of the visit.

1. International Guests/Visitors

Faculty and staff who wish to accept and/or host international guests/visitors, including visiting international students and scholars, must coordinate with the Office of Visa and Immigration Services prior to the arrival of the visitor(s). Host faculty/staff must ensure that visitors come in the most appropriate immigration status and engage only in activities appropriate for that status. If it is determined that a visiting international student/scholar must obtain documentation through the Office of Visa and Immigration Services, host faculty/staff and the visiting international scholar/student are responsible for following all applicable regulatory and institutional requirements for that category.

All international guests/visitors and their hosts are expected to familiarize themselves and comply with the University's P212: Export Control Policy and the Office of Research Compliance's materials on Export Controls, as well as the special provisions found below. All international guests/visitors must be cleared for export compliance prior to their arrival on campus.

2. Guest/Visitor Use of Laboratories

All laboratory guests/visitors must be approved to conduct research or to work in University laboratories by the relevant Laboratory Directors or Principal Investigators, regardless of the length of their stay at Stony Brook. All individuals working within University laboratories must comply with all University and Office of Research Compliance policies, which include:

All individuals authorized to conduct research within University laboratories are required to display their University issued identification card on their outermost garment. When wearing a lab coat or other personal protective equipment (PPE) in a laboratory to prevent the risk of contamination, the individuals must have the identification card on their possession for review by University officials. Any requests for a waiver of this requirement should be forwarded to the Executive Director of Environmental, Health & Safety.

All guests/visitors that use laboratories must obtain a University campus identification card. It is the responsibility of the faculty or staff host to ensure the University identification card is properly issued; and is collected and destroyed upon conclusion of the guest/visitors visit. The identification card is the property of the University and cardholders must surrender the card upon request of an authorized University official.

3. Children

Any program or activity sponsored or approved by the University or a University-affiliated organization, or an activity conducted by a vendor, licensee or permittee, occurring on- or off-campus, for the duration of which the responsibility for custody control and supervision of children is vested in the University, University-affiliated organization or the vendor, licensee or permittee (referred to as a 'Covered Activity') must follow the requirements of the SUNY Child Protection Policy. The SUNY Child Protection Policy requires, among other things, that individuals who are responsible for the custody, control or supervision of children participating in a Covered Activity to conduct themselves appropriately with children who participate in Covered Activity and report instances or suspicion of physical or sexual abuse of children.

Individuals under the age of seventeen who are visiting Stony Brook should be accompanied by a responsible adult (i.e., parent, guardian, teacher, etc.).

4. Displaying Identification While in the University Hospital and the Long Island State Veterans Home

Stony Brook University Hospital and Long Island State Veterans Home employees, volunteers, students, contract staff, vendors, temporary employees and medical staff members are required to properly display their identification cards/badges at all times while on Hospital/LISVH premise by wearing the identification badge (picture facing out) above the waist, unencumbered by ornaments, stickers, pins or other material that covers the name and picture.


For information related to this policy, one of the following offices may be contacted:

Office of Administration
221 Administration Building
Phone: (631) 632-6063

Office of Visa and Immigration Services
E5310, Melville Library
Phone: (631) 632-4685

Human Resource Services
390 Administration Building
Phone: (631) 632-6161

Graduate School
2401 Computer Science
Phone: (631) 632-7035

Office of Vice President for Research (OVPR)
5th Floor, Melville Library
Phone: (631) 632-7932

Office of the Provost
Room 407, Administration Building
Phone: (631) 632-7000

University Police Department
175 Dutchess Hall
Phone: (631) 632-6350

Environmental Health and Safety
110 Suffolk Hall
Phone: (631) 632-6410

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