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Issued by:
Office of the Provost
P-l6, October, l975
October, 2009

Faculty is required to submit grades according to the schedules and procedures determined by the University governance, and the Registrar and approved by the Office of the Provost. These schedules and procedures are included in the University publications listed below.

The Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education are responsible for faculty compliance with these procedures.

Schedule for Submission of Final Grades:

  • The Office of Records generates Grade Roster for all courses after the last day of classes. Grades for graduate and undergraduate courses are submitted electronically through the SOLAR System to the Office of Records.
  • In the event that instructors fail to submit grades on time, students receive no credit for courses. Therefore, there may be a shortfall of number of "completed" credits required to remain in good academic standing. This will impede the student's ability to advance register for the following semester and to reserve residence hall accommodations.

Submission of Grades by Faculty

  • Final grades are due to the Office of Records within three working days of an examination. Term papers and other student work should be collected early enough to allow instructors to submit grades on time. Please contact the appropriate School or College office if the nature of the examination and the size of the class would warrant additional time. Grades for a course with no final examination should be handed in as soon as possible, and no later than three working days after the scheduled final exam date.
  • Exceptions to the foregoing require prior approval of the, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Dean of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the Dean for the School of Professional Development, the Dean of the School of Business, the Dean of the School of Journalism, the Dean of the Graduate School, or the Vice President for Health Sciences as appropriate. These individuals will ensure that the necessary procedures are enforced in each School or College to assure compliance with the schedule for submission of grades. Exceptions will be granted only for compelling academic reasons.
  • In the event that an instructor fails to submit final grades on time, the students receive no credit for the course(s). Students may be put in academic jeopardy because of a "shortfall" in GPA required to remain in good academic standing. This may also impede the student's ability to advance register, demonstrate proficiency or pre-requisites, and/or reserve residence hall accommodations.
  • If a student is listed on the final grade roster and there is no record of attendance or work completed, the instructor may enter a temporary report of No Record (NR) on the final grade roster. This is the only circumstance under which an instructor may enter NR.
  • In the event that a student does not complete the required work for a course due to circumstances clearly beyond the student's control (e.g. accident or serious illness), the instructor may enter a temporary report of Incomplete (I) in place of a final grade on the grade roster. The instructor should establish clearly with the student how and when the work will be completed. The grade of "I" must be resolved by March 15 for courses taken in the preceding Fall semester and by November 1 for courses taken in the preceding Spring semester. Regulations governing possible extensions of Incomplete are outlined in the bulletins.

Changes In Grades

  • In the event that an instructor discovers that he or she has made a grading error, the instructor may request a correction of the final grade. Such requests are subject to approval by the appropriate academic officer. The instructor must explain the reason for the correction either in the appropriate field on the form or in a separate memorandum. Grade change forms may not be given directly to students. Faculty legislation prohibits final grade changes to be made on the basis of work done after a course is complete. A final grade cannot be changed after one calendar year from the start of the term for which the grade was assigned. A grade appearing on a student's academic record at the time of his or her graduation cannot be changed subsequent to the graduation date.


Office of the Registrar
Room 276, Administration Building
(631) 632-6175

Assitant Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Room E3310, Frank Melville Jr. Library
(631) 632-7080

Office of the Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Services
Room L2-27, Health Sciences Center
(631) 444-2111

Office of the Dean of the Graduate School
Room 2401, Computer Science Building
(631) 632-4723

Offices of the Academic Deans

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