Overview of Recruitment

Services for Applicants

On-line JOB Opportunities & Apply On-line
The on-line JOB Opportunities is the University's official job posting website. Find out about job vacancies at Stony Brook University, University Hospital, Long Island State Veterans Home and The Research Foundation of SUNY at Stony Brook. Postings are updated on Sundays. Many departments use the On-line Resume System to accept applications for specific employment opportunities.
Free E-mail Subscription to JOBS
It's quick, it's easy and it's free! Departments, employees and job seekers may subscribe to one or more job categories. Each Monday, an E-mail is sent to each subscriber that includes new announcements posted that week to the job categories to which they are subscribed to. Departments may subscribe to an Adobe Acrobat PDF document and post vacancy announcements in employee break rooms or departmental bulletin boards.

Services for Departments

Fast Track
Fast Track is an electronic process that allows previously posted positions to go straight to HRS Recruitment & Employment Services for entry into JOBS. Fast Track can be used for positions that have been posted within the last three years, and, where the job duties and qualifications sections remain unchanged.
To request a Fast Track, the hiring department should email their VP/Dean Coordinator requesting a Fast Track posting citing the original posting reference number and ETS tracking number. The request should include a brief rationale (i.e. replacement due to resignation of ...). The VP/Dean Coordinator will approve and forward to Recruitment by email at HRS_Recruiting@stonybrook.edu. Please note that for professional/faculty postings the VP/Dean Coordinator should submit the request to AA/EEO for approval of the recruitment plan before forwarding to Recruitment and Employment Services. Recruitment and Employment Services will amend the salary information to comply with current hiring ranges. Where a department requests "salary commensurate with experience", Recruiting will advise on the "behind the scenes" hiring range. Please note that JOBS and advertising deadlines apply to Fast Track.
Posting Reference Number Notification
Each position is assigned a reference number. Those individuals that have been assigned access to the HRS Employment Tracking System (ETS) will receive an E-mail announcement for review prior to the position being posted to JOBS.
Interview Training
The interactive session provides training on behaviorally based interviews, preparing for the interview, the interview format, Stony Brook University's recruiting process and required documentation. Information about upcoming training is available in the Training Section. In the event an area requires additional or unique support, we are able to meet and evaluate those needs.
Interview Question Assistance
A member of the Recruiting staff will review an interview that has been prepared, or will assist with the development of a structured interview.
Recruiting Packages
Recruiting packages include information regarding the University and the surrounding area for those applicants invited for an interview. Recruiting has a standard package, but will work with departments in putting together specialized materials for unique searches. Departments may request packages from Recruiting.
Typing Skills Assessment
Recruiting & Employment Services can administer a typing test for those Research Foundation support (non-exempt) positions that require a minimum level of typing proficiency. We will coordinate the typing test to assist in the screening process. Departments, after consultation with Recruiting, will set up interviews. The typing test will be administered as the initial part of the interview process. Contact Recruiting for details.
Temporary Staffing Needs
Departments, from time to time, need to utilize temporary staffing to address short-term needs due to unanticipated staffing changes, seasonal work increases or to cover for individuals on leave. Recruiting utilizes several vendor contracts to best meet the temporary staffing needs of a department in the most cost effective way. For further information refer to our webpage, contact your area VP Coordinator or contact Recruiting.
Professional Search Procedures
Recruiting is able to assist with questions regarding search and selection process, procedures, screening document preparation and use.
Applicant Correspondence
Correspondence with applicants not only keeps the job seeker informed about the stage in the process, it conveys the message of a personalized, professional environment. Sample letters are available for your use. Contact Recruiting for samples.
On-line Resume System
Applicants submit a resume in response to specific job announcements. Additionally, the applicant completes the Voluntary Affirmative Action Information Survey (VAAIS). Departments do not need to send the information to applicants that apply on-line.
Other benefits of the system include a centralized database for all search committee members to access*. Elect the service "On-line Resume System" on the SUSB-37 or PDAR and identify those individuals who should have access to this system.
* Must have a University Lotus Notes account.
Job Fairs and Outreach Assistance
Need help with identifying applicants or where to advertise? We can research and assist with your recruiting questions. Additionally, as we attend job fairs throughout the year, Recruiting will supplement your applicant pool with individuals that express interest in your open vacancy at the fair attended.

Stony Brook University and The Research Foundation of SUNY are Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employers