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Prescribed Course of Study

You may be eligible to extend your J-1 program to participate in a research opportunity during the summer, if the activity fulfills the "Prescribed Course of Study" requirements.  In order to fulfill the full-time requirement to maintain your J-1 status, non-degree students must be "engaged full time in a prescribed course of study in a non-degree program." The term "prescribed course of study" is defined in as "a non-degree academic program with a specific educational objective."

Such course of study may include intensive English language training, classroom instruction, research projects, and/or academic training.

In order to be eligible for an extension based on a "prescribed course of study" your supervisor will need to provide a letter verifying the following:

  1. Name of the course you will be registered for during the summer session (at least 1 credit)
  2. Number of hours per week you will be engaged in research/study (at least 30/week required)
  3. Supervisor’s name and title
  4. Research goal(s)
  5. Research plan
  6. Evaluation plan for the program
  7. Facilities and equipment available to the student