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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new International Student, what should I bring to for the Immigration Intake?
I took a leave of absence from the university a few year ago, but would like return for the upcoming term, how do I request a new I-20?
How can I make an appointment with an International Student Advisor?
I submitted a request through accessVIS, how long will it take to be processed?
If received an email that my request was processed, when should I collect my updated I-20/DS-2019?
Can someone else collect my documents for me?
I plan to travel home over winter/summer break, what documents should I have when reentering the U.S.?
How can I get a travel signature?
Am I eligible to travel to Canada?
I would like to take a cruise - are there any documents I should prepare before I travel?
I would like to work on campus, what do I need to do?
What is the difference between CPT and OPT?
When are they OPT & CPT Workshops held?
What are my immigration options after graduation?
How do I file my Federal and State Income Tax returns?
Where can an employer find information about hiring students in F-1 or J-1 status?
Are scholarships available for F-1 Students?
How can I avoid immigration scams?


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