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Residential Laundry Rooms

The cost of laundry is now included in the cost of your housing.  

Student in laundry room

There are more than 70 residential laundry rooms featuring energy and water-efficient washers and dryers.  Student are able to check the availability of the washer/dryers in their area using LaundryView before going to the laundry room.  Please adhere to the laundry room policies: 

  • Only use two tablespoons of high-efficiency detergent
  • Do not place laundry pods in soap tray
  • Leave front-load washer door open after use
  • Clean the dryer lint screen to ensure maximum air flow
  • Remove clothing from machines in a timely fashion


Customer Service

For customer service or maintenance issues please call CSC ServiceWorks at 1-800-762-3452 or visit the CSC ServiceWorks website here to fill out a service request form.

For general information about laundry services on campus click here. 


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