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To help maintain a safe and healthy environment for all members of the community, if you need to speak with a staff member you must schedule an appointment in advance. In an emergency, call the specific staff member's office for assistance via the phone.


The deadline to cancel housing without Financial Liability has passed.

If you have checked into housing, you are financially liaible for the agreement. You can no longer cancel housing. If you choose to check-out, you will remain financially liable through your housing agreement. If you have extenuating circumstances that are causing you to move out, please see the housing appeals tab to submit a financial liability appeal. You will have to provide documented proof that supports your appeal. Appeals are reviewed in 3-5 days. You can submit prior or within 30 days of moving out.

If you have not moved into housing, you can still cancel by sending an email to with subject line "Cancel Housing". Include your name, ID #, and reason for cancelling. Late cancellations are billed at minimum to the first Wednesday of the semester. If you requested a late arrival date, we will hold your space until that date or you are a confirmed no-show/late cancellation. If you then cancel, you will be billed from August 22 (Undergraduates) or August 23 (Graduates) until that late arrival date or confirmation of late cancellation/no-show.

Information about quarantine requirements for students traveling from overseas or from one of the  states inside the United States that requires a “stay at home” period

Students will need to complete a 14-day quarantine prior to moving into their assigned space on West Campus.


The University has identified several local hotels that are offering student rates for short term housing.


Local Hotels and Inns (Stony Brook Area)

Campus Residences has reached out to local hotels and inns in the Stony Brook area to negotiate exclusive student rates for temporary housing. These providers can offer short term, and if available long term, temporary housing for students affected by COVID-19 and/or the "stay at home" period.

The document, linked below, will be updated/maintained but the rates are current as of the time of publication. Please contact the provider for the most up-to-date included amenities and prices. You must use your Stony Brook account in order to view this document.

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