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Staff Affairs


Talent Management System (TMS)*

  • Please note: If you do not have access to TMS, please contact Danielle Papaspyrou for further information.

Position description, performance programs & annual evaluation

Permanent Appointment


Name and Contact Information



Lois Carter Photo

Lois Carter
(631) 632-9504

Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Personnel

Lois controls the day-to-day management of all CAS faculty and staff affairs, to include directing and managing the college-wide administration of personnel issues for faculty, professional, classified and Research Foundation employees.

Danielle Papaspyrou Photo

Danielle Papaspyrou
(631) 632-6967

Senior Administrator for Staff and Faculty Affairs

Responsibilities include CAS faculty and staff affairs; managing professional staff recruitment, administration of performance programs and annual evaluations, and professional appointments.

Hilary Noren

Hilary Noren
(631) 632-6965

Staff Assistant for Faculty and Staff Affairs

Responsibilities include supporting CAS faculty and staff affairs; managing faculty and staff reappointments, administration of performance programs, assisting with  review of academic personnel  files and personnel actions of academic faculty including: leaves, research assignments, and reductions in FTE.