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Dean's Student Advisory Council

Members of the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Student Advisory Council represent some of the College’s most successful and involved student leaders.


The Dean’s Student Advisory Council is committed to increasing the visibility and awareness of the College of Arts and Sciences and to promoting opportunities for its students.  Read their stories below.

Members of the Dean's Student Advisory Council

  • Nicholas Alicata
    Economics Senior   Nick Alicata is a senior from Northport, New York. Majoring in Economics, Nick pursues research about the rising costs of higher education impacting families and communities. In his spare time, he cooks, plays basketball, and writes. He currently works with the Athletics Marketing Department and is a member of the SBU Actor's Conservatory.
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  • Peter Alsaloum
    Biochemistry Junior   Having been with Stony Brook University since 2015, Peter has spearheaded a number of student activities promoting safety. He works with Dr. Ojima's Chemistry lab and a lead tutor at the Residential Tutoring Center and is a TA of many of the Chemistry courses. On the other hand, he is a captain of Stony Brook's Campus Community Emergency Response team and a CAS senator in Undergraduate Student Government.
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  • Ashley Barry
    English MajorWomen's Gender and Sexuality Studies Senior   A member of the English Honors program, Ashley has done research as part of the URECA Summer Fellowship Program. She is also an active member of the LGBTA community here in Stony Brook University, completing a Social Justice League certificate program and Vice President of the SBU TNG. Her work and service within these studies have continued to shape her academic and professional future.
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  • Andrew Bearkland
    Political Science and Sociology  Freshman   Bearkland is new to the Stony Brook University community. His suggestions to the campus include longer break times between classes. Students barely have enough time to get to their next class and he wants to increase that time from 10 minutes to 15 minutes, allowing students to have leeway and better prepared for class.
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  • Justin Bell
    Biology     A TA for classes such as BIO and CHE 130, Justin Bell is a Science Geek at heart. He serves on the Academic Judiciary Committee, a University Scholars intern and conducting research in campus in the Airola Lab.  
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  • Elizabeth Brenner
    English and Business     Brenner works hard in her student activities in Stony Brook University. She has organized and lead more than 10 clubs at Stony Brook University. These include raising alcohol awareness program Alpha Psi Omega. She is also a member of the marching band and an accomplished pageant competitor.
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  • Kyle Brown
    Studio Arts and Digital Arts Senior   Brown primarily works through photography and digital imagery. His most recent work is on a website in partnership with CEWIT that aimed at igniting collaboration between majors/departments across the campus. His work has been on display in multiple shows on campus, and he has won over 7 awards for his work while in attendance at Stony Brook.
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  • Ruben De Man
    de man
    Biochemistry     Ruben De Man is currently enrolled in Stony Brook's Scholars for Medicine Program. There he has discovered his passion for medical research and clinical optimization. In this field of the study, he has completed 5 research projects, 2 scientific journal articles and an oral presentation at an international conference. He attributes his success to his peers and colleagues.
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  • Michelle Fong
    Political Science     Michelle Fong is a member of the Dean's Office, who work to improve the learning experiences and improvement of other students. She has learned everything about Academic Policies and Campus involvement.
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  • Annalisa Myer
    Psychology and Political Science Major Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies minor     Myer is a student double majoring in Psychology and Political Science and a minor in Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies. She has been in several high level roles, which include a Peer Academic Success Coach, Resident Assistant and Undergraduate Research Assistant for Dr. Cushenbery's Leadership and Creativity Lab.
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  • Anatasia Kahn
    Art History     Anastasia is a first year graduate student in the Art History Department. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Anastasia received her BA in Art History and French from University of California, Santa Barbara, and has since held various positions in art museums, galleries, and arts non-profits.
  • Brooke Nelson
    Psychology     Brooke is a Psychology major, and feels her opinion serving on the council will be well-rounded and unbiased.
  • Kathleen Nickson
    Chemistry Senior   A member of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, which is a chemistry honors society on campus, and Vice President of the American Chemical Society chapter at Stony Brook. Nickson believes it’s important that chemistry and science is not done in a vacuum, so we host various outreach events to promote science and science literacy in the local community.
  • Krupal Patel
    Biology     Krupal is a biology major student that focuses on the experiences of other students in campus, commuter students in particular. He hopes that by joining the student advisory committee, he can voice the complaints and remarks by those students to be heard.
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  • Thomas Sheroff
    Philosophy and Psychology     I'm a rare commuter who likes the stony brook campus. I love philosophy, reading, friends, and gaming. I am the founder and co-chair of the Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter. Since I am graduating this year, I'd like to do what I can to leave whatever mark I can to our university.
  • Lyle Suh
    Biology Major Chemistry Minor     Being a PAL (Peer Assisted Learning) leader at the Academic Success and Tutoring Center, and a TA for the Chemistry department allowed me to give back the help I received and gain new skills. Starting a non-profit organization called ‘She’s the First at Stony Brook’ and bringing awareness to girls’ education sparked a great deal of drive to make positive changes in our community as well as all over the world.
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  • Kimberly Tena
    Psychology and Sociology     While struggling with the workings of Stony Brook University as an out of state student, she challenged herself to improve the lookout she had about the camous. Now she is a 2nd year resident assistant, coordinator and counselor for Camp Kesem at Stony Brook University. Her growth she said was attributed to her mentors and professors that helped her.
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  • Jessica Watson
    Anthropology and German Language Senior   My time there taught me that as a Stony Brook Student, I am not only a lifelong learner, but am able to relay the knowledge I have gained at Stony Brook in order to help others, be it with archaeological concepts and theory, German grammar, or just some of the solid advice I have been given by my professors.
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  • Kevin White
    Economics and Philosophy Major Music Minor     My main academic pursuits focus on the relationship between religion and society specifically in the Islamic world, and the philosophical roots of Western Modernity. In January, I went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with members of the Newman club to build houses and I plan to return to the Dominican Republic this coming January. Following graduation I hope to pursue a PhD in Philosophy.
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  • Clara Yan
    English Major Writing and Rhetoric Minor Senior   Over the last three years, she has played an active role in the English Department here at Stony Brook University and well as Student Organizations. Alpha Nu Zeta's Public Relations Officers and Treasurer, URECA Summer Fellowship Program and worked with the Career Center.
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