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"Rehabs" are renovations of academic space that enhance teaching and research. Aside from departmental-, grant- or capital-funded rehabs, the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) obtains funds for rehabs via Academic Rehab proposals to the Provost’s Office. These proposals are compiled by the Dean’s Office in a rank-ordered list submitted in an annual competition for funding. The Provost’s Office usually wants the list by mid-December, so the Operations Division in the CAS Dean’s office issues a request for proposals to all CAS departments and programs during the fall semester, with a deadline around Thanksgiving. Note that all requests for academic rehabs from faculty or staff MUST be transmitted to the CAS Dean’s office through the appropriate departmental Chair or Director. For those rehab projects selected for funding, the CAS Dean’s Office works with the department or program, Facilities Design & Construction (link), and other campus offices to coordinate scheduling and completing the rehab within budget.

Rehabs and furniture purchases can also be requested via the President’s Quality of Life (QOL) program. During each fall semester, CAS Operations asks for QOL requests by a specific deadline; as with academic rehabs, these must first be routed through the appropriate Chair or Director. The Dean’s office assembles the rank-ordered list for CAS departments and programs that is sent to the Provost’s office. The President’s office makes the final selection of funded projects. QOL projects are typically in one of four categories:

  • Repair of leaky roofs
  • Upgrading faculty furniture
  • Painting of offices or hallways
  • Rehab of public spaces in campus buildings

Requests for improvements via the Academic Rehab program or the QOL program should include as much detail as possible, including justification of need, costs estimates, and level of priority within the department or program. A few digital photographs, suitably explained, can be helpful.

All QOL and Academic Rehab guidelines and deadlines are subject to change without notice by the State of New York and University Administration.