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CAS Research and Facilities is available to assist faculty in some purchases of equipment, coordinating, as needed, with the University Procurement office. The CAS Dean’s Office participates in an annual competition for Academic Equipment Replacement (AER) funds that are used to purchase equipment. Examples of past AER expenditures are photocopy machines, computers and peripherals, musical instruments, kilns, and microscopes and other scientific equipment for teaching laboratories. During the fall semester the Dean’s office asks all CAS departments and programs for AER requests; the deadline is typically around Thanksgiving. All such requests must be routed through the appropriate Chair or Director, who will be asked to describe how many faculty and students will be affected if the equipment is acquired. The CAS Dean’s office prepares and sends to the Provost’s office a prioritized list that is usually due by mid-December.

All Academic Equipment Replacement guidelines and deadlines are subject to change without notice by the State of New York and University Administration.

Note that some equipment for instructional support may be borrowed from the A/V Services office.