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Alda-Kavli Learning Center

Online Learning for Scientists and Researchers

Supported by The Kavli Foundation

The Alda-Kavli Learning Center offers scientists and researchers a place to explore science communication through online learning experiences and webinars on a variety of topics.

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Webinars, offered live and through recordings of live sessions, give scientists a chance to explore different facets of effective communication. Topics include visual representations of science, avoiding burnout in health care fields, recent research about scientists' willingness to engage in public conversations about their work, and more.

Upcoming Webinars

Powerful science policy writing: Empowering scientists to engage society

December 7th, 202112 to 1pm EST

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Scientists and other researchers have knowledge and information that could be useful to policymakers, and to their constituents. But working with policymakers - building trust, finding opportunities for collaboration and discussion - requires a skill set that most experts lack.  

During this session, Dr. Bankston will offer suggestions and strategies for researchers who would like to use their findings to support policymakers and policymaking. She will also discuss opportunities for early-career scientists to publish their policy work in ways that are more likely to reach government officials and others who work in policy.


Dr. Adriana Bankston, CEO & Managing Publisher, Journal of Science Policy & Governance (JSPG)

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This webinar is sponsored by The Kavli Foundation and hosted by The Alda Center.

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Webinars are produced with support from The Kavli Foundation and the American Chemical Society.

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