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Performance Plan  (Set Goals) ⇒ Monitoring ⇒ Feedback & Employee Development ⇒

Plan Review Meeting ⇒ Performance Evaluation

Performance Plan

First 30 days

A performance plan helps provide a roadmap for employee success. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to establish a performance plan for each employee within 30 days of appointment and each year thereafter.

Designed to provide the employee with a clear understanding of the responsibilities of the position, the performance plan details position expectations. These expectations are based on the needs of the department and the duties listed in the position description. It is developed by the supervisor and reviewed with the employee.

Annual Performance Program

The form used to document in writing the annual performance plan. Download the appropriate Performance Program Form

Performance Evaluation 

After 12 Months

The written evaluation is a summary of the employee’s performance over the preceding 12 months, including achievements, training and recurring issues. It is also a segue to evaluating an employee's future and, if applicable, next year's performance plan.


A counseling session is a discussion between a supervisor and an employee about those aspects of an employee's performance or conduct where improvement is needed. This communication should be conducted in private soon after the incident occurs, and is intended to help the employee to correct performance. The session should address concerns and discuss potential solutions, agree on a corrective action, and identify a time to follow up on progress. The goal of counseling is to help the employee to improve performance



Plan • Program• Evaluation• Position Description

✔ Position Description: provides the details of the roles & responsibilities of the position.

✔ Plan: helps provide a roadmap for employee success.

✔ Program:the form used to document the plan.

✔ Evaluation:a summary of the employee’s performance over the preceding 12 months.




Even if you've had numerous jobs before this one, we are all always learning a new manager's style for the first time. 



As a new employee, your first evaluation can be daunting. Asking your supervisor for feedback in the months leading up to it can help you manage your own expectations.

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