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Graduate Student Appointment Process (GSAP) State and Research Foundation

Graduate Assistant (GA), Teaching Assistant (TA), Research Project Assistant (RPA)

All Graduate Student Appointments must be processed through the Graduate Student Appointment Process (GSAP) in DocuSign, a digital transaction platform that allows users to send, sign and manage legally binding documents securely in the cloud.

Paperwork Submission Deadline
GSAP DocuSign Envelopes MUST be submitted by the deadline provided by Human Resource Services: State Deadline or RF Deadline. Appointment envelopes submitted after the deadline negatively impact the GA, TA, or RPA's receipt of paycheck, benefit eligibility, student health fee waiver and tax withholding.

GSAP Step by Step Instructions

State GA/TA Hire/Rehire/Reappointment Research Foundation RPA Hire/Rehire/Change (extensions)
State GA/TA Reappointment Written Procedures RPA Change (Extension Only) Written Procedures
Creating a GA/TA Reappointment Envelope (Video) Creating a RPA Change (Extension Only) Envelope (Video)
State GA/TA Hire/Rehire Written Procedures RPA Appointment (Hire/Rehire) Written Procedures
Creating a State GA/TA Hire/Rehire Envelope (Video) Creating a RPA Appointment (Hire/Rehire) Envelope (Video)

More DocuSign Questions? Visit GSAP DocuSign Resources

Additional GSAP Information

International Graduate Students

It is essential to comply with the employment limitations imposed by certain immigration statuses. Failure to do so places both the student and University in jeopardy. For the student, failure to comply with the hours limit imposed by immigration status is a violation of their immigration status, and will result in immediate employment termination by the University.

Violation of immigration regulations governing employment are deportable offenses. Current immigration regulations do not provide for reinstatement to student status following unauthorized employment. For the University, non-compliance could result in the loss of all Federal funding.

During the academic year (including Intersession) graduate students may work on the Graduate student payroll (State or RF) up to a maximum of 20 hours. International students in F-1 or J-1 status may not work more than 20 hours per week while school is in session.

Questions regarding employment restrictions imposed by immigration regulations should be referred to Visa and Immigration Services at (631) 632-4685.

Graduate students must be matriculated and registered for full time graduate-level study and remain in compliance status by meeting the following criteria:

  • G-1 and G-3 level require 12 credits
  • G-2, G-4 and G-5 require 9 credits

Social Security Numbers
All Graduate Student Employees must obtain a valid social security number issued from the Social Security Administration within the first few weeks of the semester in order to avoid the disruption of check distribution. Pseudo social security numbers are temporary for payroll purposes only and should not be used off-campus. After registration for classes, those who need a SS # will need to submit an offer letter from the employing department to Stony Brook Visa and Immigration Services for an endorsement verifying immigration status and course registration. Application for a Social Security number must be made at a Social Security Administration office.

Cancellation of appointments, resignations and terminations must be communicated to Human Resource Services immediately to prevent overpayments.

For State separations, refer to the State GA/TA Separation Procedure.
For RF separations, submit completed Employee Change Form to Human Resource Services.

For additional Student Employee resources, please visit: For Student Employees