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This is a new beginning. The possibilities ahead are limitless
  • Program Evaluation

    Students' feedback is important to us. We are able to better assess our programs and make improvements based on the evaluation results. Please complete the program evaluation upon your return via SBUAbroad

  • Transcripts, Credit & Grades

    Courses taken abroad, the equivalency credits, and the grades earned will appear directly on the official SBU transcript.

    International transcripts may take up to 3 months after program completion to be received from the partner university. Once received, all courses and grades will be posted to the SBU transcript. A completed Learning Agreement form will assure smooth and more efficient processing. Questions regarding the grade and credit conversions can be directed to the IAP coordinators.  

    Grades earned in a partner university program WILL NOT calculate towards the cumulative GPA for SBU students. 

    Grades earned in the faculty directed programs WILL calculate toward a student's GPA for SBU students. 

    Non-SBU students are advised to check their home university policy on grade and credit transfer.

    For other SUNY students: We will send a transcript supplement to the study abroad office for processing, provided that there is not a balance due on SOLAR.

  • Testimonials

    We encourage students to submit  testimonials upon return through SBUAbroad .

  • Alumni Applying to Graduate School

    When applying to graduate programs, study abroad alumni should represent their study abroad attendance as part of an official SBU Study Abroad program (especially if at a partner university program). Listing a host institution separately on a graduate studies application would suggest the applicant was admitted and was a degree seeking student (which study abroad is not). It is important not to list an international academic experience separately as it may prompt them to request an official transcript. IAP cannot share another original official document other than the Stony Brook transcript.

    Upon completion of an SBU study abroad program grades become part of students' official SBU record. Credits earned for both faculty directed and partner university experiences appear directly on official Stony Brook University transcripts. 

    For partner university programs, this means that the original official transcript was recorded and archived with the Office of the SBU Registrar, and another  original official document can  not  be produced.  Credits and grades are processed in accordance with our  Grade and Credit Transfer Policy  and applies to all students that attended a SBU partner university program or international summer or winter program.