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Before You Go

Plan your academic journey
  • Academic Advising

    Students are responsible for understanding their degree requirements and how study abroad courses may apply towards those requirements. Use the Learning Agreement Form to develop an appropriate study plan. IAP advisors are available to meet and answer questions to guide students with their program search and provide direction throughout the process.

  • Course Evaluations/Approvals

    Students must complete the course evaluation/approval process to ensure how credits may be degree applicable. This step is outlined and completed through the Learning Agreement Form . The form can be downloaded from SBUAbroad . Students are encouraged to visit our partner course database to learn which courses have already been reviewed by SBU.

  • Credit Conversion/Transfer

    Students planning for a partner university experience are responsible for understanding the partner university’s registration procedures and deadlines. Education systems in other countries are different and can be confusing. If the credit and registration system at the host institution is not clear, students must consult their SBU International Program Coordinator for assistance in order to avoid potential complications upon return. 

    All students must follow the SBU credit limit policy while registering for courses overseas. Review the SBU Credit Limit Policy

    All students should not take courses on a pass/fail basis. Grades of "P" generally do not satisfy degree requirements. Review the SBU Grade Policy

    Non-SBU students must contact their home university to confirm their home university credit transfer policy.

  • Registration

    Students may need to register in multiple places such as at SBU via SOLAR and at the host institution for partner university programs. Non-SBU students will likely be required to register at their home campus as well. Registration instructions are provided in SBUAbroad and nominated/nominated students must complete the process by the assigned deadlines.

    All students will need to register via SOLAR prior to departure for the courses scheduled for the program (faculty directed) or for the study abroad placeholder course (partner university programs). The International Programs Coordinator will share additional details about the process prior to departure.

    Non-SBU students must obtain information about the policies/procedures for participating in another university’s program from their home campus Study Abroad office to ensure smooth credit transfer. 

    Students participating in a Partner University Program will also need to register at their host institution.

  • Pre-Departure Orientation

    Participation in the Pre-departure General Orientation in person or online is mandatory. Parents/guardians are welcome to attend. Some programs will also have required program specific meetings/orientations. Pre-Departure session dates will be announced via SBUAbroad .

  • Health & Safety

    The health and safety of our students is our top priority. Stony Brook University’s International Academic Programs office is committed to the continuous assessment of our program locations. We direct students to various resources so that they become informed about the current details of their location so they are best able to plan for a healthy and safe experience abroad.

    Health Insurance

    All students participating in a SBU Study Abroad program will be enrolled in the required SUNY health insurance through United Health Care. Click here for information on UHC Member Guide and Policy. Students that would like to plan or continue their care during their time abroad, they must discuss this directly with their health care provider. Any questions about the ability to travel with prescription medicine or the availability of specific medicines at the location abroad may contact UHC directly.

    Safety Abroad

    It is recommended to learn about your host country prior to departure. It is important to know about the cultural norms, the political system, and current happenings. Students should use the resources listed below for information.