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Digital Badges

Digital badges are online credentials that demonstrate one's achievement of a particular skill or set of skills, and they are available in a variety of areas in education, business, industry, and academics. University badges may be displayed on online platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and any digital badge backpack, such as Mozilla Open Source. University Badges may also be listed on resumes and CVs.

Digital badges can also serve as steppingstones for more advanced credentials. The HRM offers two badges that students can earn as they pursue the Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration. 



Higher Education Management & Operations

To earn this badge, students must take this course:

  • HEA 503 Leadership in Higher Education

plus two of the following courses:

  • HEA 524 Enrollment Management
  • HEA 531 Finance Issues in Higher Education
  • HEA 532 Facilities Management in Higher Education
  Student Advising & Counseling

To earn this badge, students must take this course:

  • HEA 520 Advising and Counseling

plus two of the following courses:

    • HEA 521 Diversity and Higher Education
    • HEA 522 Crisis Management and Prevention in Higher Education
    • HEA 525 The Contemporary Undergraduate
  • HEA 526 Career Counseling and the Psychology of Work

Claiming Your Badge

After you have completed the required courses,   send us an email  to review your transcript after you have completed the last course. After confirming your completion, we will issue your badge.

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