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Student Financial Services will be closed on Friday, 11/26/21. 

  Please check our  FAQ  page for the common questions and answers. 

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The University is aware that some students may experience difficulties making payments using Google Chrome and Safari. If you experience an issue using Chrome/Safari for deposits, use the steps below or please make the attempt using Internet Explorer, Edge, or Mozilla Firefox. 

1. Log out of SOLAR in Google Chrome.
2. Clear your browser cache by following the instructions for "In chrome" on this Google Support page -
3. Restart Chrome




  The Student Financial Services Office provides the highest standard of support for students, families, University departments, and external agencies.  Student focused policies and procedures aim to advance the financial literacy of Stony Brook students as well as promote timely degree completions.  The offices ensure the timely and accurate posting of billing information and the processing of all payments in compliance with Departmental, University, State, and Federal policies and regulations.

Fall 2021

Full-Time Tuition and Fees
(excludes health insurance and other course/class specific fees)

Tuition Group

Total-NYS Resident





Graduate - (G1/3 - 12 cr)



Graduate - MBA



Graduate - MSW



Graduate - MHA



Graduate - Physician Assistant



Graduate - Nursing Practice



Graduate - Physical Therapy



See per credit rates

Important Information and Dates for Fall 2021

All students are required to read, understand and abide by the University deadlines.

The first day of Fall 2021 classes is Monday, August 23rd, 2021.   A $50.00 late registration fee applies to all students who are not enrolled in at least one course before Monday,  August 23rd, 2021. This includes students enrolling in Manhattan and West Campus classes

Liability Period

Tuition and Fee Liability

Tuition and Fees Refunded

On or before 08/29/21



08/30/21 - 09/05/21



09/06/21 - 09/12/21



09/13/21 - 09/19/21



On or after 09/20/21