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Semester by the Sea: Costs

2022 COSTS Per Semester

Direct Costs*
Payable to the University
NYS Residents (and NSE)
 Tuition  $3,535  $12,995
 Room **  see below  see below
 Meal Plan ***  $0  $0
 Fees ****  $1,745  $1,745

* All charges are subject to change without notice.

** Housing is optional. For updated costs, visit this site.

*** Not required at Southampton campus.  Residential suites have kitchens and students purchase food and prepare meals independently.  In addition, mid-day meals can be purchased at the Student Center via the Amagansett Food Institute.

**** Additional course fees may apply.

Full-time students who do not have their own health insurance are required to purchase health insurance through the University.

For most recent costs, visit this site.