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Job Opportunities at Southampton

Listed below are job opportunities that are often available on the Southampton campus.  Most will be part time and should mesh with class schedules.  If interested, contact the job coordinator to request additional information.

Marine Station: Wet Lab Student Assistant

SoMAS is looking for student assistants who would like to gain knowledge of the workings of a seawater wet lab. Students should be responsible, flexible in their availability and not afraid to get dirty.


- Assist in the maintenance of the Marine Station’s wet lab
- Assist in the set-up/break down of lab classes
- Provide support to research activities if necessary
- Other duties as assigned by the lab manager


- Students must be enrolled in the marine science program at SoMAS.
- Be able to lift 50 lbs.

Job Coordinator: Chris Paparo, Marine Station Director,


Marine Station: Crew on research & teaching vessels

Responsible for passenger safety, gear, and clean up at the end of the trip.  Most job opportunities take place Monday - Friday from 0830 - 1300.

Job Coordinator: Captain Brian Gagliardi, Southampton Vessel Operations Manager


Southampton Student Life:  Several Student Assistant Positions

Resident Assistant (RA); application (deadline April 15)

- Contract Dates:  August 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024 
- RAs are responsible for ensuring safe and welcoming conditions within the residence halls. RAs work to build inclusive communities through peer to peer interactions, programming, and bulletin boards
- Approximately 20 hours a week primarily evening and weekend hours
- Compensation is a single room bed waiver for duration of contract dates (no hourly pay)

Summer Housing Assistant; application (deadline March 31)

- Contract Dates: May 22, 2023 to August 11, 2023 
- SHAs support the Student Life, Summer Housing Residents and conference/summer guests to make sure that all guests’ housing needs are met. The SHA’s main duties are to prepare and organize various elements of housing for conference groups as well as provide quality customer service
- Similar responsibilities as Resident Assistant with focus on our summer rental and conference events
- Approximately 20 hours a week primarily evening and weekend hours
- Availability of some paid hourly work during business hours ($15.50) 
- Compensation is  a single room bed waiver for duration of contract dates

Job Coordinator: Michael Austin, Assistant Director of Student Life, Stony Brook Southampton 

Fitness Center Attendant

- Dates of Employment: Year-round
- Hours: Inquire within
- Requirements: Full-time Stony Brook Southampton Student
- Compensation: $15/hr
Job Coordinator:  Marisa Jeff
ers, Director of Student Life, Southampton campus

Conferences & Special Events

 Hours include some nights and weekends, occasional gym coverage, oversight of details for different conferences, lectures and events.

Job Coordinator: Laura Lyons, Conference & Events Coordinator,