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Small Business Development Center at Stony Brook University

What Clients Are Saying About Us

… “My counselor was very interested in assisting us in our pursuit of purchasing a business. She opened our eyes to many new areas and confirmed prior beliefs. We felt as if we were in good hands and look forward to future interactions.”
… “My counselor was well informed, professional, encouraging, and extremely hard working. She spent months working with me and was always available to answer any questions I had. Truly a great lady!”

… “Our advisor provided first rate professional service. She went the extra mile for us in researching financial institutions that would be receptive to our concept. We probably would not be in business if she hadn’t helped us.”

… “Our advisor extended herself more than I could have imagined in helping me with my problem. I was totally taken aback when she said there was no fee for her services. She did an excellent job.”

… “My advisor has been most helpful in my attaining financing for my new business. Without him the process of putting together a credible business plan and later getting approval for a SBA loan through the bank would have been very difficult. He is and must be one of your best counselors. Thank you for his services.”

… “Many, many, thanks for all your help and encouragement. Our opening day was March 2... Again thanks for being so patient with my questions”


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