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Myth Busters!

✔ You do NOT need to have a search committee; the PI can lead the search.

✔If you choose to have a search committee, it can be made up of individuals internal and/or external to SBU.

✔ You do NOT need to have an in-person interview; conduct a well-documented phone screening, skype interview, etc... instead!

✔ You do NOT need to secure funding prior to having a search conducted.

✔ Every Postdoc recruitment does NOT have to have a search; review the Office of Equity and Access' Exception to Search policy for criteria.


✔The interview stage is an opportunity to get insight from existing lab members and/or stakeholders. Consider assigning individuals (internal or external to SBU) on an as-needed basis to help in the applicant review process.

✔ Our Omnibus Ad provides an applicant ready pool good for six months. Contact for more details.

✔ If a person is named in the grant, reach out to OEA to discuss their "Named in a Grant"Exception to Search policy.

✔ Want to create an opportunity for graduating students? Email to inquire about our Traineeship!

Welcoming New Employees

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Mentoring Resources

The postdoctoral appointment at Stony Brook is intended to be a time-limited period of mentored research training. An Individual Development Plan (IDP) can serve as a useful mentoring tool.

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Postdoc Spotlight

Postdoc Spotlight is an opportunity for postdocs to hone their communication skills by presenting their research for a general audience in only five minutes.

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