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West Campus, Health Sciences, and School of Medicine


Exit Interview

Employee Experience

As someone who is about to separate from the university, part of the off-boarding process involves conducting an anonymous Exit Interview.  Human Resources will send each employee that resigns a link to the Exit Interview. Please contact if you would prefer to schedule an Exit Interview in conversation format (e.g., in person or over zoom.)

Your feedback is invaluable — we hope that you will participate by providing us with honest feedback on your experience as an employee.

Signing Off

When Will NetID Deactivate?

Your NetID will be deactivated on the day of your departure.

RETIREES : Apply for a Retiree Domain
EMERITUS FACULTY : NetID's will NOT be deactivated.

Google Takeout

All Google Apps for Education accounts require NetID authentication, and as a result, once your NetID is deactivated, you will no longer be able to access your Google Apps for Education account. Go to Google Takeout  to find out how  you may be able to create an archive.




Contact a Benefits Representative


When an individual moves from an RF position to a State position or vice versa, many changes will take place. In order to better understand this transfer, we recommend setting up an appointment with a Benefits representative. 

Call 631-632-6180 or Email