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Becoming Emeritus/a

Emeriti faculty are retired Stony Brook University faculty/librarians who have been invited by the Provost to append the term “Emeritus/Emerita” to their title of academic rank following their retirement. Emeriti faculty may retain library, parking, and institutional email ( domain) privileges.


Emeriti status will be considered if all of the following criteria are met:

  • The individual is a tenured or tenure track faculty member (“Faculty”). (Tenured faculty may be full-time or part-time. Tenure track faculty must be full-time.)
  • The Faculty is retiring pursuant to Article XV, Title B or C of the SUNY Board of Trustees Policies (see SUNY policy).
  • The Faculty is in good standing.

Emeritus Request Process

  • Approximately 3 months prior to the retirement date, the department or academic unit chair/director/administrator initiates the Emeritus review. The details of the review pocess are outline below.
  • Faculty member submits retirement paperwork and Emeritus request to their Chair
  • If recommending emeritus status, the Department Chair or Administrator emails emeritus requests to the Dean's Office. Upon review, the Dean's office forwards the request to the Provost Office ( Request must include:
    • Employee Name
    • SBU ID#
    • Title
    • Department Name
    • Statement that Department Chair supports the emeritus status cc: Department Chair or Director
  • If the faculty member is confirmed to be eligible and in good standing, the Provost office will provide the employee with an email advising they may append the Emeritus designation and that they have been added to the Emeritus Faculty Association (EFA) database.


Prior to submission of the Emeritus request to the Provost Office, a review should be conducted to determine whether the Faculty is eligible for emeritus status.

The review is conducted jointly by Human Resources (HR) and the Office of Equity and Access (OEA). The chair/director/administrator of the department or academic unit should submit the request for review to BOTH following units and attach their approvals to the file:

Please indicate in the Comment Section on the PeopleSoft form requesting the retirement if there is interest in becoming an emeritus/a.  Employees who are eligible will be notified that they may append the "emeritus/emerita" title to their academic rank. Once granted, the emeritus faculty will be added to the Emeriti Faculty Association (EFA) database.

Benefits of Emeritus/a Status

  • Retain library privileges and institutional email account
  • Join the Emeriti Faculty Association to maintain and build connections with colleagues 
  • Engage in exclusive and sponsored Association events, including symposia, conversations with University faculty and leadership, and more
  • Gain access to the Emeriti Faculty Space in the Wang Center

Emeritus Meetings

The EFA meets the first Friday of the month for eight months during the academic year. Members and significant others are encouraged to attend these meetings to hear speakers who talk on a variety of topics and also to share news and each other's company. Members also receive monthly Newsletters


Current Emeriti Faculty Association Membership