LemurTo date more than 400 scientific publications have directly resulted from research conducted at Centre ValBio. Much of this research has focused on the unique ecology of tropical rainforests in Madagascar. Current research projects include topics such as stream ecosystem function; leaf litter community dynamics; seed-dispersal; lemur demography; pollination; and predation studies in birds, primates, and other mammals.

Specific projects include the classification of native plant and animal species, aging in lemurs and its implications for human aging, and in-depth studies of important and at-risk species.

However, Centre ValBio has great research potential beyond ecology alone. One area of particular recent interest is infectious disease. With a significant human population located in close proximity to the rainforest, there is undoubtedly transmission of infectious diseases. In 2011, research teams have initiated pilot studies to begin to understand the relationship between the integrity of the rainforest ecosystem and the health of the people in the villages that border the national park. Learn more ยป

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