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CITI RCRS Training

To complete online RCRS training:

  1. Access the CITI program at:  
  2. Click "Log in through your institution"
  3. Select SUNY--University at Stony Brook
  4. Under "Learner Tools," click "Add a course"
  5. Scroll down and select "I want to complete an RCR course at this time" and then click "Next" 
  6. Select "Basic course"
  7. Select the appropriate module for your discipline:

The Biomedical Sciences course in the RCR
The Social & Behavioral Sciences course in the RCR
The Physical Sciences course in the RCR
The Humanities course in the RCR
The Engineering course in the RCR

As soon as you have completed the module relevant to your research, please retrieve your certificate, email it to, and keep a copy for your own files.