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College of Arts and Sciences Sabbatical Leave Policy 


To be eligible for sabbatical leave, faculty members must have continuing appointment (tenure) and must have completed 12 semesters (fall/spring) of full time service as tenured or tenure-track faculty (either from the time of the initial appointment, or since returning from a previous leave). Approval of sabbatical requests is not automatic or guaranteed. Additional information about sabbatical leaves may be found in the Provost’s Sabbatical Leave Policy.

Application procedure

Any faculty member who wishes to request a sabbatical leave should submit an application form through Interfolio and update their Faculty180 profile that generates a six-year CV to her/his chair, who will forward sabbatical requests to the Dean. The Department (administrator or chair) must create the sabbatical case form on behalf of the faculty member to initiate the process. The faculty member’s application should address the specific scholarly goals to be met during the sabbatical and the requested sabbatical period (one year at half pay or one semester at full pay). Please note that a request for a full year sabbatical at half pay constitutes an agreement to receive half salary for the relevant year, regardless of the success of external funding requests. The chair’s endorsement must indicate how the teaching needs of the department can be met during the faculty member’s absence, consistent with the Provost’s policy that “support of sabbaticals must be covered by regular departmental allocation.” The timing of sabbatical leaves may be affected by departmental needs.


The deadline for receipt of sabbatical requests in the Dean’s office is October 8 of the academic year preceding the planned sabbatical leave (regardless of whether that leave is projected to begin in fall or in spring). Requests will normally be submitted to chairs no later than October 1, but faculty should consult with their chairs as to how far in advance of the October 8 deadline such sabbatical requests must be submitted to the chair.