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Adjustment to Tenure Clock Timelines 

From the Stony Brook University COVID-19 Updates:
“As of May 6, 2020, employees in academic rank titles who have not yet achieved continuing appointment and who are not currently under review, will receive an automatic one year extension of their clock. Those who wish to remain on their current schedule may request to opt out of the automatic tenure clock stop.

Employees who have already been provided with a notice of non-renewal are not eligible to submit an opt out request.”


CAS  Faculty:  No action is required for those who wish to accept the extension. Those who would like to opt out of the extension should submit a written request to their department chair or program director at least 16 months before a decision is required.   

The departmental chair or program director will then submit the opt out request to the Dean’s Office (in particular, requests should be sent to:  Nicole Sampson, Dean; Judy Lochhead, Associate Dean; and Lois Carter, Assistant Dean).  The department/program and faculty person will be notified once the request has been approved by the Provost’s Office.  

Direct all questions to:  Judy Lochhead, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

For further information, see: 

Accounting for the COVID-19 in the Academic Review Process

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Updated 5-29-20