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How do I get in to the BFA in Creative Writing?

You have to be accepted to BOTH Stony Brook University AND the Creative Writing Program in order to get into the BFA. Here’s what you’ll need for both:

For your Stony Brook application

For your Creative Writing application

  • The Common, SUNY or Coalition app
  • High school transcript(s)
  • Statement of purpose
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Writing sample
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Letter of recommendation


student in gallery Photo by Star Black

High school students , starting in Fall 2020, you’ll apply to the major at the same time that you’re applying to Stony Brook. Get your materials submitted by January 15 .  You’ll submit your Stony Brook application online. Those applying in Fall 2019, please use the current student system, below, to submit your creative writing materials. 

Transfer students , you, too, apply to us along with your Stony Brook application online, by March 1 for fall admission and November 1 for spring admission.

Current Stony Brook students , you’ll apply with the Creative Writing materials only, via email, by November 1 for spring admission and March 1 for fall admission. Save your application form, statement of purpose and writing sample together as one PDF.

Please name this document with your last name and “CWApp”, like this: “SheehanCWApp”.  

Send it as an attachment to an email with “Creative Writing Application” in the subject line to . Ask your recommender to send their letter to the same email address.

* Honors College and University Scholars program: While you're in the zone, and if you are the rock star we suspect you are, we highly recommend you apply to the Honors College and/or the University Scholars program, both of which are eminently compatible with our curriculum. Honors students are expected to write a thesis. So are creative writing BFAs. University Scholars (invited to apply based on GPA and SAT scores; you can submit a supplementary essay for priority consideration) take EXP+ courses. So do creative writing BFAs. Application deadlines for both of these programs are synched with general admissions to the university.



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