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Welcome Message to Admitted Freshmen for Fall 2022.

First, a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to you on being admitted not only to Stony Brook University but, more specifically, to the University Scholars Program! Your offer to join the Scholars Family is a testament to your hard work and service throughout your high school career.

Second, what exactly IS University Scholars? Stony Brook University has three honors programs - the Honors College, WISE (Women in Science and Engineering), and the University Scholars Program. Our program is the largest of the three, where we admit approximately 200 freshmen each year. The three programs pretty much have the same academic criteria for admission (mid-/high "A" cumulative high school GPA; and at least a 1300 SAT score for those students who indicated that they wanted their test scores viewed); however, the other aspects of how the programs select their respective students is very different. For our program, we pay very close attention to an applicant's co-curricular involvement; particularly community service, dedication to their high schools (specifically leadership positions in diverse and multiple clubs and organizations), how well their essay was written, and research experience. The Honors College and WISE both have their own curriculum which their students must follow. University Scholars does not have a separate curricular component. Our program emphasizes co-curricular learning and service, allowing students to gain knowledge through giving back (whether to the campus community, or the community-at-large). As you will learn, the students in this program are not competitive with one another. In fact, the reason we call ourselves a "family" is because the Scholars want to help each other. If someone is having any sort of difficulty (academic, personal, etc.) our students step up to help their fellow Scholars and, as a result, we produce some of the very strongest student leaders on Stony Brook's campus. We offer a large variety of opportunities for students to become actively involved in the Scholars Program - through our student committees, our newsletter (The Torch), our Peer Assistant Leader Program, our Commuter Connector Program, our Fellows Program, and our Course Review groups. We have a very strong connection to our alumni, so there are many opportunities for networking. We also offer a sort of "pet therapy" (you can view Charlie, our Director's service dog, on our "staff" page) in case you're feeling overwhelmed, homesick, or just want to pet a dog for 10-15 minutes.

Another benefit of being part of the Scholars family is the academic advising you will receive. Many students will not understand the benefit of this at first, but speak to some other students and you'll realize how unique and special this aspect of the program is. You will have the same Advisor for the entirety of your time with the University Scholars Program (including the Director); so we get to know you very well, and you won't have to repeat your story over and over since you won't be seeing someone different every time you need to meet with an Advisor. Additionally, we advise students in EVERY major - so regardless of what you are studying, you'll go to the same place/person for advising. It doesn't matter if you're in the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, on the pre-med or pre-law track...we advise for majors in all of these areas. We do want you to connect with your major advisor at some point (we typically recommend students start visiting them once a semester beginning in their sophomore year) to establish a connection with their department. 

Lastly, our philosophy. You have all received an offer to join this family because you ASKED to be a part of it, so you need to demonstrate effort and a sense that you understand there were MANY qualified applicants who did not get into this Program - so remind yourself of that, and be grateful. There are requirements for the Program which you will be expected to meet (not many, but required nonetheless), and you should not act as if we are burdening you by having these requirements in place. You get a lot out of being a part of this family, but you need to give back as well. We hold our students to a higher standard, and heavily emphasize responsibility and accountability while you are with us. We do not view our job as just getting you to graduation. Is that an important part of what we do? Absolutely; but just as important, we want to ensure that you have the tools necessary to be successful after you graduate, and are able to independently navigate the world around you. What you make of your college experience is primarily up to you; but if you want to have the best experience possible, immerse yourself in the Scholars family. You won't regret it. 

If you were not able to attend our virtual Admitted Students Day presentation, please find the PowerPoint here.

Again, welcome and congratulations!



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The Scholars program is a vibrant community of high achieving students at Stony Brook.  
With this program, you can make connections with our world class faculty, participate in numerous activities, and obtain leadership and research opportunities.

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Spring 2022 Course Assistance
Session schedule is available here
Be sure to RSVP at least 24 hours in advance through SB Engaged and include your specific topic(s) to be covered in the Session.


The Academic Success and Tutoring Center tutoring schedule  is currently available. A list of courses with tutoring support is available  here .


Jeremy Marchese is currently conducting all advising for University Scholars. All advising appointments should be scheduled through Navigate. You must include the reason for your appointment in the comments section, or your appointment will be canceled. 


Read the most recent edition of the University Scholars Newsletter here.





Due to ongoing concerns surrounding COVID, University Scholars will be suspending the Event Requirement
for the Spring 2022 semester.


Tuesday, April 19, 2022
7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Virtual on Zoom
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Monday, April 18, 2022
7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Union Ballroom
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