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Welcome to the Honors College!

The Honors College welcomes you to our community. The mission of Honors College is to promote personal and intellectual growth among a diverse group of highly motivated students who aspire to achieve academic excellence, assume responsible roles in society, and develop their leadership capacities.  Students pursue an innovative, seminar-based curriculum modeled on the best traditions of university education and integrated into the research and creative enterprises at Stony Brook. The program creates the social and academic atmosphere of a small liberal arts college within the heart of a large, public, research university. 


Honors College students receive personalized guidance and advising, priority housing and registration, faculty mentors, Big Sibling peer mentors, and many opportunities to make friends and explore interests through presentations, workshops, lectures, social events, and the performing arts. The program culminates in a mentored senior thesis/project and public presentation, where students showcase their research and scholarship to the campus community.  Honors College graduates are equipped for ongoing personal and intellectual growth and prepared to succeed in a full range of careers.

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