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Welcome to the WISE Program!

The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program welcomes you to our community.  The WISE Program mission is to increase the number of individuals from various underrepresented groups in science, mathematics and engineering fields through outreach, recruitment and retention efforts. The WISE Honors Program facilitates individual, institutional, and social change.  

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Combining the vast resources of a major university with the close bonds of a small community, the WISE Program enables undergraduate students to work closely with peers and faculty to form friendships and to achieve a solid background in their field.  The main goals of the program are to: (1) promote academic excellence; (2) support professional development; (3) facilitate research opportunities; (4) establish and maintain community outreach; (5) encourage global collaboration; and (6) enact inclusive strategies. The four-year curriculum is designed to promote academics, research, service, and leadership.  The program culminates with a mentored senior thesis/project and public presentation.

WISE students enjoy an array of benefits and special opportunities through program participation, including personalized academic advising from staff knowledgeable about STEM majors; events and activities; priority registration and housing; peer mentoring; early exposure to research; merit-based aid, and more.  

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The Pre-College WISE Program supports the WISE mission by providing educational programing in local middle and high schools to inspire students to pursue science, mathematics, and engineering degrees and careers.

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